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Discipleship on Steroids

One of the primary reasons that disunity exists within the Body of Christ is that the Christian church does not have one common discipleship curriculum for all believers… THAT IS UNTIL NOW! The Christian Unity Movement and the “Unifying the Body of Christ” book series is a high-powered, grassroots discipleship curriculum that utilizes a time tested model for teaching biblical truth and is designed to systematically walk an individual through the three levels of Christian maturity – Children, Young Men and Women, and Fathers and Mother in the faith. (1 John 2:12-14)

The “Unifying the Body of Christ” Book and video series covers the topic of spiritual maturity from start to finish. This curriculum takes 4500 years of biblical world history and nearly two decades of Bible College teachings and consolidates and condenses them into a clear and concise 3-book series.

If your sole focus is accelerated spiritual growth, this book series eliminates much of the noise, clutter and distractions that are in the Christian church which do nothing more than distract from focusing and concentrating on just those things that promote spiritual growth and maturity.

Unifying the Body of Christ – Book I 

Available as E-book or Paperback.

The Christian church is on the verge of the greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit that the world has ever seen…For we are the generation that will witness the manifestation of His glory. Yet at present, much of the church is doing very little to prepare for it. There is a popular teaching that Jesus Christ could return for His bride (the church) at any moment. Scripture however teaches that there are several things that must first take place. John declares that Christ will remain in heaven until the bride has made herself ready. Peter taught that Christ would remain in heaven until restoration of all things. While much of the church is standing around looking up into heaven awaiting Christ’s return, there is still much work that needs to be accomplished. Christ will not return from His place in heaven until biblical unity has been restored to the body of Christ. The Christian Unity Movement and the book series: Unifying the Body of Christ – Restoring the New Testament Temple prepares the way before our coming King.

Table of Contents


1.  The Christian Unity Movement    

2. Why Will This Movement Succeed Where Other Have Failed? 

3. United We Stand – Divided We Fall

4. The Plan

5. Starting Over

6. Laying the Cornerstone

7. Tearing Down Strongholds

8. Called According to His Purpose

9. Unity of the Heart

10. Which Blueprint is Best?

11. Praise and Worship

12. A Message Reserved for our Time

13. Unity Among the Brethren I   


Unifying the Body of Christ – Book II 

Coming Soon!

Unifying the Body of Christ – Book III

Coming Soon!